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Q1: The IN.UA domain names are not associated with their holders' surnames. Why?

A1: The developers assume any bureaucracy unacceptable.

Q2: What should Mr.Smith do if a certain Mr.Doe registers for his own purposes the SMITH.IN.UA domain name?

A2: If Mr.Doe for some reasons registers the SMITH.IN.UA, the true Mr.Smith can either sue Mr.Doe or let him at his expenses popularize Mr.Smith.

Q3: Is it possible to register a one- (or two-) character domain name by judgment?

A3: Yes, it is. The cl.2.7 of the IN.UA Domain Policy affords such an opportunity.

Q4: Is it possible to register a domain name for a juridical person?

A4: The founder, the director, an employee or even a fan of a juridical person (e.g. a company, a fund and so on) may register an IN.UA domain name that coincides with the name of a juridical person. You just have to follow the corresponding regulations.

Q5: What does the amount of reimbursement account for?

A5: The amount of indemnity a registrar is to pay the IN.UA Administrator makes up:

  • nonrecurrent payment 1284 UAH (200 USD + VAT)
  • monthly (service) payment 321 UAH (50 USD + VAT). 25 domain names are prepaid.
  • if the monthly 25 domain names quota remain unexhausted all the remains accumulate month after month towards the end of a calendar year.
  • registration over and above the quota makes up 12,84 UAH (2 USD + VAT)

The amount of indemnity is calculated on the grounds of the forecast for the first year: 5000 registrations carried out by 20 registrars.

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